I wish!!

There are times when I wish I can turn time back

There are times when i wish I can undo my decisions.

There are times when I wish I was more careful in giving my heart to strangers.

There are times when I wish I knew how to get my life back on track.

There are times when I wish I shoudn’t have pretended to be strong,when I was most vunerable.

There are times when I wish everything that happened in past, to fade away after every night sleep..

There are times when I wish everything to be okay at end….

Dard -e-ulfat(Ishq)

Well..Its now another poem with addition of litle bit of Urdu words..☺

Har raat ko tanhai ka alam mehsus hota hai,

Jub palkon se palkon ka milan hota hai..

Dil main na jaane, itni halchal kyun mehsus hoti hai,

jub tumhare,mere zindagi main na hone ka ehsaas hota hai..

Mandir bhi ab maikhana sa  lagta hai,aur maikhana bhi ab mandir sa lagta hai,

Apne iss dard ka painama bhi ab falak sa gehra lagta hai..

Mere ishq ka Qafila,na jaane kahan tak chalega,

Khuda jaane iss sagar, ko kinara kahan milega..

Ishq ek tishnagi hai,jo bhujaye nahi bhujta,

Dastoor hai yeh zindagi ka doston,

Kabhi kisi ko manzil,toh kabhi kisi ko mohabbatein -e- ishq nahi milta…😯😯

Now few words translation:.

  1. Maikhana-Bar where alcohol is served.
  2. Mandir- Temple
  3. Falak-sky
  4. Painama-scale to measure
  5. Qafila- convey.


Hi all,

This is a small poem written by me.☺

Ishq tumse kitna kiya hai,shayad jata na sake,

Zudai ka dard kis tarah se mehsus kia,keh na sake….

Shayad kuch toh kamiyan rahi hongi mujh me,

Jo tum hamein phir se apna na sake…

Koshishein toh bahut ki zindagi main aage badhne ki,

Par dil ne hi hamara sath na dia…

Hamare buss main hota toh,waqt hi badal dete,

Par meri kismat dekho janab,waqt aur mukkadar dono ne bhi hamara sath na diya…..😯


A warm sunny morning

I currently live in Manali which is famous for its breathtaking views and winters.


The winters are so cold here that devices like warm heater also fails.

The local people have devised their own device to combat chilling winters and one such device is known as TANDOOR.

TANDOOR device is basically rectangular in shape and made of steel or aluminium.It has front side which can be opened and we can put wood pieces inside it.Once that is done,the front gate is closed and we can lighten it with the help of matchstick.

Tandoor is being used for boiling water and for cooking food.There is also one long pipe which go through the ceiling and let the air escape.

As Manali is not a town or a city, the resources are very limited and people here are happy with traditional devices like this as it is also budget friendly and is also of multipurpose use.

And right now even i m waiting for it to be installed at my home.☺☺


Hi All,

I am new to this blogging and after researching a lot on topic depression, I read articles on how one can cure depression by writing their feelings and by talking. But sometimes it happens that even after surrounded by so many people, one can’t open up regarding their feelings that they are going through. Even though I always tried to be strong emotionally but even after trying so hard, I feel I am tired of putting up a strong face. I feel I m getting or being dragged to a place that is so dull and lifeless. I can’t feel happiness. When people are talking I just can’t connect with them. I feel as I am an alien.